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Postcards are one of the most popular products for print and direct-mail advertising. Without breaking the bank, postcards help business owners get the word about their business. Bulk postcards are effective, because they are able to reach large portions of the population without needing too much effort. Postcards work especially well when a promotion is included. For example, a new restaurant can send out postcards that include coupons for a free appetizer with every entre order. An auto body shop can showcase a special 25% off discount on the customer’s next oil change. Including a special offer on your postcards will drive traffic to your store, and more traffic, of course, means more business.



PostCards Pricing


QUANTITY 4 x 6 5 x 7 6 x 9
500 $85 $145 $195
1000 $118 $195 $245
2500 $198 $255 $340
5000 $349 $389 $449

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